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3J PRESS LLC is a publishing company that also do research, and health education. We were founded with the primary purpose of educating and building a smarter and empowered community. The large-scale community that we service, the books that we publish, and our biological research benefit the many social and behavioral problems in society. For example, 3J Press’s publication of the book entitled Men of Valor was an accumulation of data that comprehensively comprised and analyzed the behavioral tendencies of the early African slaves. Another manuscript entitled Single Parenting: Ways to Make it Much Easier was a study of the behavioral changes in the social strata.
The research conducted and found in this literature is relevant. Another body of work produced, entitled Find Yourself: A Guide to Self-Awareness, is a compilation of comprehensive data that explore the mental and physical associations created by environmental influence. Also, this body of work looks at the significance of ecological stress and how they influence self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. All these great works strengthen the connection between environment and behavior and tacitly explores the evolutionary principles responsible for whom we are and how we act today.
The 3J PRESS LLC School of belief is the notion of intellectual merit.  3JPRESS LLC’s leadership and community based research is based on the belief of knowledge being power. The topics of study all tie into a central theme highlighting the correlative aspects of behavior and environment. The central theme is a role of social interaction that depends on variables that are rarely subject to control. Looking at these will undoubtedly show the developmental and evolutionary of behavior. 

We commit to Educating and Building A Smarter Community

3J Press LLC Community Responsibility

We are enthusiastic in addressing the needs of the community by conducting seminars, health fairs, educational forums and publishing books. We want our socially conscious, historical, spiritual, and psychology books to change lives.  We give college students the opportunity to get freelance work from us under expert supervision. We encourage them to work under our tutoring and gain the experience they need. Small and large businesses benefit from the service we offer them. We help these businesses grow their business.


We provide top-notch qualified keynote speakers whom are renowned in their discipline and most of them are authors. They are passionate, sincere, and they dedicate their lives to make this world a happy place. We offer health education with the topics of weight maintenance, stress management, good nutrition, disease prevention and lots more. The eloquent discussion on self-esteem, self-evaluation, and self-development that we launch will revolutionize a person to their peak level. We also specialize in editorial services, book publishing, and business writing such as annual reports, brochures, catalogs and web design.


Authors are able to submit their manuscript for evaluation. Many first time authors need support, encouragement and basic information to cultivate their master-piece into a first book. They have endured surmountable skepticism about their manuscript and have survived many rejections. First time authors have an opportunity to get published. The more experienced author with several publications also are welcomed to present their creative manuscript for evaluation. We work fastidiously and meticulously to aid all authors in creating their best work.