The Editorial Services We Offer You Are Exceptional And Satisfy Your Need For Accuracy And Professionalism! 

Our editorial service is economical. We carry out each task with speed and expertise. When we accept your work for editing we are available to you because you can find our company with one telephone call. We understand that your work is personal to you, so we communicate with our customers in a manner that is pleasing and appropriate. You are the one who composed your book  and you deserve an experienced editor and publisher. We are aware of the trained and keen eyes  your rough draft needs and we put the finest editor and their skill to work in order to prepare your manuscript for you. Our team fixes an infinite number of genres while preserving the message and allowing you full control. When we look at and proofread your document, we assure the final product has a dynamic articulation. Our editorial service do not demand ownership, credit or recognition from any of your material. Under our protection we hold your product secret from public view and keep them only in the hands of our professional organization. You put a lot of effort into building your project and we know you are waiting anxiously for the remaining action of having it online and in the bookstores.  Our staff finishes tasks in little turnaround time and amends 12,000 words of white paper in a regular day. These specialized workers fact check over 250,000 words in a few short weeks. We meet the deadlines provided by our patrons.

Specialize Services For Authors

Manuscript Critique

We enjoy reading your master-piece. Our first-class employees are unbiased and harbor no preconceive notion when checking your novel. You get a true and straightforward commentary from us.  The methods our service use insure your brand is the best quality for your reader. We apply the most suitable preparation which offers your narrative the opportunity to succeed in the world. When people you know and your colleagues read your chronicles for you their point of view are unprofessionally skewed. The competent observation of proficient writers is what a author prefers to inspect their papers for, organization, sale-ability, flexibility, coherency, story line, and narrative. At the base position of this formal analysis we show a 1 or 2 page suggested modifications.

Manuscript Editing

Our editors cleanup your blueprint and develop it into the writing you are proud to put your name on and distribute for sale. During this stage we direct our attention to text arrangement, manner of expression, sentence form and vocabulary. We read your content and increase the power of your discussion, how clear the reasoning is and its usefulness. With our finishing touch your outcome will be more intellectual. We correct syntax, grammar, and typographical inaccuracies. Although our company offers you these approaches we do not change your story.  This agency suggests the improvements throughout your scholarly creation and you decide if you want to uphold the reforms we recommend. 3J Press LLC do not send back a preliminary format to you until we achieve a through proofreading that help it gleam with superiority. This last analysis phase corrects any linguistic error in the author’s copy so you may have your work published with assurance. Here are models of the rate in which we move.
(Up to 1,700 words)
Within 4 hours
(Up to 12,000 words)
Within 24 hours
(Up to 27,000 words)
Within 48 hours
(Up to 42,000 words)
Within 72 hours
(Up to 67,000 words)
Within 1 week
(65,000 to 102,000 words)
Within 2 weeks
(102,000 to 152,000 words)
Within 3 weeks
(152,000 to 252,000 words)
Within 4 weeks
(from 252,000 words)
Within 5 week

EBook Formatting

3J Press LLC relieves you of the anxiety of formatting your book to publishing requirements. At this new juncture of designing your masterpiece we invite you to allow , our reviser, the authorities to do the formatting of your bestseller for you. Our organization is sincere in making manuals look exceptional. We fit the distance between words, the fonts, the headers, and the margins so they appear uniformed. A published book need to follow these stipulations to assure it has the high-quality sales you deserve.  Send the files using these guidelines.
  •  Forward a copyright page to show that this work belongs to you.
  • Assign and submit a title page, for the printed versions.
  • Deliver your data in a word processing setup for instance, DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, RTF, or similar. Please do not send PDF or HTML documents.
  • Inform us of the ePublisher style you choose: Kindle or Smashwords, etc.
  • Illustrations in the manuscript should include JPG files.
  • Most ePub do not use tables, charts or bullet points so the information in this design have to convert to text before delivering them.
  • You must supply your own cover art.


We offer you the highest quality service in the publishing industry. Our company work to earn your trust and satisfy you. The most practical approach to decide the price is to estimate our charge for editing by word count and consider the range of time you asked to have it done. Our numerical figure is 4 cents per word. If you deviate from the schedule described above and you ask for a rush job, this worth between 4 cents and 10 cents a word depending on how fast you need the job executed. The rate for editing, proofing and critiquing your creation is the same but they are three separate orders. For example, critiquing your work is another part of editing it. If you order your manuscript for testing, the price is at the same 4 cents for each word but adds on to any separate order you place. The price for formatting 4 cents a word, but a single order and any more order is besides earlier fees. For us to present superior service our policy is that you submit our compensation with your order. We give the service you paid for after we approve the funds. We verify that your word count is exact and if under the number you gave we request the balance of the bill before we work on your project. Remember we measure the cost of every word. We secure financial transfers through PayPal.

Specialize Services For Students And Academics

Students are usually overcome with a hectic schedule. Sometimes you are studying for test by cramming and you are writing essays for many classes simultaneously. At times your various classes have assigned essays, research papers, and power point assignments that are due on the same date. 3J Press LLC is here for you. We help students with editing their writing assignment so they get excellent grades on their project. Our service affords students the opportunity to leave their editing, review, formatting and proofreading to us. We help students show their, philosophy, ideas and their hard work when we correct grammatical and spelling mistake that crowds their ideas. Students recognize our express service that helps them when they are pushed to the brink because they only left with few hours to turn in an essay.

Essays Editing And Proofreading

The first draft of your essays is made up of your base ideas and concept. After writing your first draft you need an expert writing service to relieve you of correcting punctuation and grammatical errors. When we accept an order from you we read your document and suggest improvements on sentence structure, spelling, typographical errors, sentence organization, word choice, tone of voice, strength of tone, and we assure every sentence is clear. We do not write documents for students and academics we only do your editing and proofreading. When we edit and proofread your document we do not change your ideas or concept we only improve them and they become stronger. Before you submit your essay to your department our service will polish your document for you so students get an excellent grade and academics get good results. Bear in mind that proofreading is for documents that is already edited. If you only need proofreading services you must do all the editing before seeking the proofreading service. We cannot edit your document when we are just proofreading it.

Our Essay Service Is Composed Of

  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Reports
  • Compositions
  • Other assignments
  • Admission Essays

Our Academic Editing And Proofreading Service Includes

  • Journal articles
  • Research projects
  • Letters
  • Conference proceedings
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Dissertation
  • We review, edit and proofread disciplines such as medical, science, and technical papers.

Here are examples of the speed in which we do our editing and proofreading

(Up to 4,200 words)
In 8 hours
(Up to 6,200 words)
In 12 hours
(Up to 10,200 words)
In 24 hours
(Up to 25,200 words)
In 48 hours
(Up to 40,200 words)
In 72 hours
(Up to 65,200 words)
In 1 week

Specialize Services For Businesses

Business Editing And Proofreading

In the business arena time is of essence. A business account is affected if orders are not fulfilled on time. We support small and large businesses by providing the service they need in a timely way. Since time is of essence in most businesses our service relieve businesses by editing their manuals, reports, presentations and all written documents. Your business reputation is important.  We help you establish a good reputation by perfecting each written document that you need to present to employees, companies, and your audience. 3J Press LLC save you time and we give your written projects the shine that gives your company a competitive edge. When business written projects has many ideas from many departments into their written documents their documents are cluttered with redundancies, points of views that are unclear and grammatical and typographical errors. Our editing service helps you by removing these clutters and errors from your written project. This gives your document an aspect of fairness for our object critique is done without office politics or the influence of office supervisors or managers.

Our Business Editing And Proofreading Include:

  • Business Plan
  • Annual Reports
  • Manuals
  • Presentations
  • Corporation Documents
  • Proposals
  • Government Documents
  • Organization Documents
  • Resumes
  • Personal Documents
  • Business writing
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs

Specialize Services For Websites

Website & Blog Editing And Proofreading

The best way to get the attention of customers who need your written knowledge is your posts website content must be convincing, informative and well written. Our expert editing services concentrate on sentence structure, word choice, sales pitch and the call to action in your post or website content. When you submit your order we ask that you submit your goal and the type of audience you need to reach. With this information you get the best recommendations and your message is effective.
  • Submit your website content in a word document. If your content is already on your webpage you may copy the document, paste it and send it to us to edit as a word document.

Here are examples of the speed in which we do our editing and proofreading

Blog Editing and Proofreading
(Up to 1,700 words)
Within 4 hours
Blog Editing and Proofreading
(Up to 3,700 words)
Within 8 hours
Blog Editing and Proofreading
(Up to 4,200 words)
Within 12 hours
Blog Editing and Proofreading
(Up to 3,200 words)
Within 24 hours
Blog Editing and Proofreading
(Up to 18,000 words)
Within 48 hours
Blog Editing and Proofreading (Up to 26000 words) Within 72 hours