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Book Publishing Service

3J Press LLC book publishing service is a notch above the rest because we offer a variety of services and we completely produce your book. Here are the many services you can select.
Abstracting and Abridging
Anthology Editing
Book Proposal Consultation
Book Proposal Writing
Book Query Critique
Book Query Writing
Children Book Writing (advance against royalties)
Children Book Writing (work for hire)
Contract Editing (scholarly)
Contract Editing (textbook)
Copy Editing (trade)
Ghostwriting (no credit)
Ghostwriting (as told to)
Manuscript Evaluation and Critique
Nonfiction Book Writing
Research For Writers
Typesetting: An important part of publishing that encompasses lining a body of text in a way that presents a polished, refined, and professional product. It significantly affects how the pages appear in a book, the ease of reading, and the space assigned for images.
Editing: A series of senior editors will refine the manuscript. The editing team will consist of English professors, journalists and authors.
Book Cover Design: The cover of the book is prime in attracting and engaging customers. The author provides a sketch then we design the cover. If the author has not created an idea our designers can create a cover design based on the content of the work. The author will sign off on the design cover expressing approval for the model.
Marketing: Marketing is essential in increasing exposure and helps the book create more revenue. Post cards, posters, fliers, letterheads, stationery and business cards drives an aggressive marketing campaign focused on expanding the customer base.
Registration: This includes copyright, library of Congress catalog number (LCCN), and international standard book number (ISBN) and bar code. These registrations are necessary for publishing the book.

Business Support

At 3J Press we understand how hard running a business is, therefore our company is committed to helping small and large businesses. We provide businesses with our own unique 3J Press company’s presentations to help defray the cost of health insurance. These powerpoints are health education for their employees.  They include but are not limited to health management, and disease prevention. Below we list the many services we provide to assist companies manage and operate their business efficiently.
Annual Reports
Associations and Organizations Writing
Brochures, Fliers
Business and Sales Letters
Business and Government Research
Business Editing (general)
Business Plan
Business Writing (seminars)
Catalogs For Businesses
Consultation on Communication
Copyediting For Businesses
Corporate Histories
Corporate Periodicals, Editing
Corporate Periodicals, Writing
Corporate Profile
Ghostwriting For Businesses
Government Writing
Newsletters Writing
Newsletter Desktop
Health Management and Disease Prevention: Take Charge Of Your Health & Save Money on Healthcare CostHealth management and disease prevention is the best cure for corporations and businesses concerned with paying high health insurance cost. Many diseases and health care crisis are preventable or manageable by educating employees. The cost for health care crisis today is outstanding and educating employees on diseases and health care crisis prevention is cost effective for businesses and employees. Statistics show that healthier employees are punctual, think more clearly, work faster and more efficient and cost less compared to unhealthy employees. According to U.S. Department of Labor between 2008 to 2018 roughly 46.5 to 46.9 percent of the workforce will be women and with this vast change health insurance will also change. Therefore, a health education implementation is a great advantage for companies.  A family annual premium increased 9 percent and premium for singles increased 8 percent while most companies pay 70 percent of these insurance. 3J Press’s solution for businesses is a presentation on health management and disease prevention which includes bone health, smoking or your health, healthy eating, stress management and weight management.

Editorial Design Packages 

Desktop Publishing
Greeting Card Ideas
Photo Brochures
Photo Research
Slides and Overheads

Public Relations Services 

Public Relations For Government
Public Relations For Organizations (or nonprofits)
Public Relations For Schools (or Libraries)
Speech Writing and Editing (general)
Copy-writing For Advertising
Script for Nontheatrical Films (for education, business, industry)

Ghost Writing Service

Our ghostwriters provide clean, professional, well-written and satisfactory work. They can frame a simple idea or thought into a final product. There is no base price; compensation depends on the length, style, and research needed to complete the job

  Web Design

The websites we design are unique to the individual’s business. Our website designers are quick and efficient. They understand that our customers need to have speedy service. Websites can be modest or elaborate.