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Our Copywriter service covers all aspects of business. We meet the criterion that your business need. This is a one stop shop area for your writing request. Our strength is we abide by the principle of meeting deadlines. excellence, good customer service and communication with clients. Our philosophy is to respect the time and the needs of our clients. We are here to give exemplary service!

These Are The Copy-writing Services We Offer

Blogs And Articles

Our  standard blogs and articles begin at 500 words. However, if you want shorter or longer articles or blogs we will provide them for you. The difference between blogs and articles are blogs have specified content and you give us the topic. Each 500 word post is $60.00. Articles are a fact and non-fiction writing. An article requires credibility and is written with a factual viewpoint. Articles are trusted as true by readers. Each 500 word article is $60.00. Any extensive research for articles or blogs are 15 cents per word but if the research is not in-debt its 10 cents per word.


These are advertising materials with the subject simplified but enchanting and are presented in a graft typology. When the digital marketing campaign expanded this marketing strategy was included as a unique way to entice customers . These promotional materials are mostly visual but strongly appealing. Info-graphics are directed at a target audience and has real content. They are great for getting inbound links and page views. This method also provide a fast way of learning about a topic and the audience does not have to do detail reading. With info-graphics you get traffic, increase SEO, more branding, and you get more social media buzz. These promotional materials are visuals that are interesting, educational and thought provoking. they are as factual as any written document. Although they are pictorial they include facts, case studies and is well researched. An excellent infographie shows your website as you being a guru in your subject. We have an expert package which gives you extensive research and illustrations. The cost for this package is $3,000 and we complete it in 2 weeks. The professional package is an infographie that need less research, and use stock photography. The cost is $2,000.    Any addition needs cost a higher rare.

EBook Whitepaper

Whitepaper is a type of EBook. It  is a report that shows the person or company is an authority or expert in a particular subject. The layout is written as a guide that is short, brief and crisp. We prepare this writing to show your philosophy about a title that is complex. A white paper explains the solution to a problem and gives the reader a better understanding on that issue. The reader must be able to come to a precise decision after reading this document. The page’s structure and format are left up to the customer. Each page is about 300 words with two graphics. Our professional plan cost $1,500 and any addition is $750.00 per additional pages. For customers who want higher quality, extensive research and a specialist in his industry the cost is $2,500 and $1,000 for added pages.

Product Description

Product Description is a 250 to 300 word detailed portrayal of your product or business. This portrayal must be unique and specific. For the professional package that comprise extensive research, and industry specialty the cost is 15 cents a word with a deadline of seven days. For the basic package that comprises less research the cost is 10 cents a word with a deadline of five days.

Video Content and Audit

The rates for videos are starting from $1K/minute. The videos have motion graphic, whiteboard, kinetic typography, animated and are full production. The rates for audit range from $500.00 to $1,500.00 which includes small, medium-size and enterprise businesses, site audit typography, blog, answers to your questions, and recommendation. The Rates for research range from $50.00 to $150.00 a page. The $50.00 is for basic research. Technical research cost $100.00 and $150 is for extensive research.

Press Release

A press release gives your new business, book, event, product etc. the immediate attention it needs through media, and various announcement outlets. We produce this attention grabbing writing with style and include contact information, and every detail about your project or proposed event. Press Release is $500.00/product. This does not include distribution and extensive research.